Spring Has Sprung.

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Let’s Grill. It seems like we’ve been waiting for months for the spring to come, and with it the change in the weather from cold, wet and rainy to warm, wet and rainy. Just when we start seeing the sun a little more, our thoughts always seem to go to cooking outdoors. And what better way to enjoy the season than to visit Portland Barbecue Shopfor your much needed accessory, or better yet a new barbecue. The Big Green Egg is the perfect choice for that avid outdoor cooker who likes to have the versatility to get the perfect sear on a 12oz ribeye steak or slow roast a whole pork shoulder on the same grill. The Big Green Egg is made of thick, heavy duty ceramic that insulates the grill extremely well. This ceramic retains its temperatures extremely well so your cooking time won’t dramatically increase when you add more charcoal or wood chunks for smoking. Portland Barbecue Shop is in stock of all the Big Green Egg sizes, so come in and see your newest barbecue.