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  • Propane Tank Recertifications On OPD Tanks

We do Tank Recertifications:

For 5-pound to 100-pound Propane Cylinders.

Safety is why you need to have your tank recertified. It’s the law.

In the State of Oregon and Washington, “new” tanks require recertification after 10 or 12 years depending on the manufacture. After that, they require recertification every five years.

Each cylinder has a month and year stamp on the top flange (the large ring around the top – see our picture). If your tank passes the pressure and visual inspection, then you’ll receive a metal I.D. sticker that’s valid for five years.

Propane Basics:  (Cylinders are rated by pounds, not gallons.)
One gallon of propane weighs 4.24 pounds. For example, a 20-pound cylinder holds approximately 4.7 gallons of propane. 4.7-gallons of propane (4.7 x 4.24 pounds) equals 19.98 pounds.

Recertification Steps:

For 5-pound to 40-pounders:  To recertify, bring your tank into us. This service takes five to 10-minutes. If we can not do it while you wait, you can leave the tank with us. We store them in a locked tank cage.

If your tank does not qualify. We have new tanks to purchase.

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