We carry a full line of Spices, Salts and Rubs.

  • SuckleBusters

SuckleBusters Original BBQ Sauce won many Major Awards from 2009 – 2015: – Chile Pepper Magazines
– Fiery Food Challenge- Best of the Best BBQ Sauce Contest- Silver Scovie Award for All Natural
BBQ Sauce- 2009 & 2010 First Place at the Natlional BBQ Associations BBQ Sauce Contest. This is Portland Barbecue
Shop’s highest recommended Brand.

Portland Barbecue Shop has SuckleBusters

  • James Gang BBQ Company

The James Gang BBQ Company from Newburg, Oregon offers a variety of BBQ products perfected after years of testing. Encouraged by friends and customers at their BBQ restaurant, Jesse James and his wife, Pam, began bottling their superb BBQ sauce in Mason Jars for sale in their restaurant. A few years later, they’re offering a line of outstanding products and their
sauces have received national recognition for excellence.

Portland Barbecue Shop has James Gang Rubs and Sauces

  • Ooga Booga BBQ Sauce

Ooga Booga BBQ Sauce has been a Northwest favorite for many years. Made locally, right here in Oregon. Available in 3 different flavors. Mild, Wild and N’Between.

Portland Barbecue Shop has Ooga Booga

  • Artisan Salts

Salt, the oldest spice… and so much more! Experience the multitude of textures, colors and flavors of authentic Artisan Salts from around the world. Artisan Salt Company certifies both the origin and quality of all our premium sea salts. If it bears the Artisan Seal of Authenticity, you can be sure that it is the best salt available. Try Artisan salts and taste the difference.

Portland Barbecue Shop has Artisan Salt

  • Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg has developed a variety of rubs to complement the various meats and veggies that may grace your cooker or grill. Big Green Egg rubs are not just for BBQ. Shake it on as a condiment, or use as a “complete” seasoning in the kitchen for sautes, stir fries and more.

Portland Barbecue Shop has Big Green Egg Sauces and Rubs

  • Butt Rub

Butt Rub was created by Byron Chism in the Spring of 1997. At the time, Byron had just graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and was cooking professionally. Once you try his famous Butt Rub it will be a must have in your seasoning collection. “A little Butt Rub makes everything better”.

Portland Barbecue Shop has Butt Rub


  • Traeger Spices and Rubs

Here’s the rub down: for anything you’re fixin’ to grill, we’ve got a spice for that. Whether you rub it on or shake it out, make your meal superbly spiced. Let your favorite Traeger flavor have its way with your favorite cut of meat. Whether you mop it, sop it, dip it, or serve it on the side, make sure to keep it saucy. Our sauces and seasonings blend well with one another.

Portland Barbecue Shop has Traeger Spices and Rubs


  • Portland Barbecue Shop BBQ Sauce

Our own blend! We are proud to offer to you our garlic barbecue sauce – a tasty, tangy, sweet, sour, garlicky, rich, delicious, dark, luscious, blend of spices, onions, and herbs. Whether you are a seasoned bbq veteran or just bought your first grill, Portland Barbecue BBQ Sauce will make you look like a pro.



  • Smokehouse Products Brines, Mixes and Dry Rubs

We have been making everything Smokehouse since 1968 when we introduced the first Electric Smoker with the Little Chief. Today, we offer a full line of electric smokers, gas smokers, wood chips & chunks, BBQ pellets, wood grilling planks, jerky & sausage supplies, Brines & Mixes, and a variety of Parts & Accessories..