At Portland Barbecue Shop we carry a full line of smoking chips, chunks and cooking woods. Call us inventory is always changing.

  • Smoking Chips

Alder,  Apple,  Cherry,  Hickory , Mesquite,  Pecan,  Red Oak
Smoking Chips

  • Smoking Chunks

Cherry,  Hickory,  Mesquite,  Pecan,  Red Oak,  White Oak,  Walnut

Smoking Chunks

  • Split Logs

Apple,  Cherry,  Hickory,  Mesquite, Red Oak,  White Oak

Smoking Chunks

  • Traeger Pellets

Apple,  Cherry,  Hickory,  Mesquite,  Pecan, Signature Blend,  RealTree Big Game Blend,  Turkey Blend w/ Brine Kit

  • Lumber Jack Pellets

Lumber Jack Pellets

  • Smokehouse Wood Products