Custom gas piping for your needs.

At Portland Barbecue Shop we offer gas line installation for all your gas piping needs. We can run gas piping for your new BBQ, firepit, gas stove, fireplace and dryer. We can ‘T’ off of your gas meter, from your furnace or hot water tank depending on what the best option is. Our technicians will give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision. All jobs are done to code and with a permit.

Gas lines for your indoor/outdoor needs.

When we come to the job, we bring all the necessary materials to do the job right. Whether running black iron pipe or flex pipe, we only use the best materials to ensure stability and safety. All gas line installations are leak tested for safety. Our gas technicians will give you the best options on how run the gas line to the appliance, whether it’s a gas line from your furnace room or your gas meter. We have the right equipment to drill holes through brick, tile or wood so the job can be done safely and to your needs.

Your safety is #1

We put your safety first. All of our gas technicians take extreme caution when installing gas piping. When we leave you can be rest assured the job is done right and everything has been tested. All jobs will be inspected and approved by a city/county inspector.

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