There is never a bad day to barbecue!!

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We undoubtedly find ourselves in the backyard whenever the sun comes out.  

“But right now, the sun and warm weather aren’t just around the corner, but instead are around the block.  What about now, when the sun is behind the clouds and we can’t go outside without a parka and stocking cap?” 

With the right grill, anyone can barbecue their favorite foods any day of the year.

Portland Barbecue Shop is Portland’s largest barbecue dealer and has all your barbecue needs.  We carry gas grills (Weber and Napoleon), charcoal grills & smokers (Weber, Big Green Egg, and Kamado Joe), and pellet smokers (Traeger).  And we have the experts to help you determine the type and model is best for you.


Along with the grills, we have the accessories you desire too.  We carry the tools you need to make your grilling easier, spices from throughout North America to flavor your foods, 17 varieties of cooking woods, and instant read or even wireless thermometers so you know when your meat is ready to eat.

Portland Barbecue Shop also has the fuel needed to get your grilling started:  lump charcoal, all Traeger’s types of wood pellets, and we’ll even top-off your propane tanks.